Raw Material

Code Number Item Description Quantity
BS1/RM-BA0100 Bovine Albumin 100 grams
BS1/RM-AL0100 DL Alanine 100 grams
BS1/RM-AA0100 L-Aspartic acid 100 grams
BS1/RM-SC0100 Sodium Cholate 100 grams
BS1/RM-MA0100 Magnesium Aspartate 100 grams
BS1/RM-T20100 Tween 20 100 grams
BS1/RM-T60100 Tween 60 100 grams
BS1/RM-GL0100 Glycanine 100 grams
BS1/RM-IM0100 Imidazole 100 grams
BS1/RM-DM0100 DMSO 100 grams
BS1/RM-PE0100 Peptone 100 grams

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We are an Egyptian company committed to manufacturing high quality IVD reagents and marketing laboratory instruments all across the globe.

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